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Pediatric First Aid CPR AED Course is designed for anyone involved in childcare who have a duty to respond to illnesses and injuries in a child or infant in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. Including: childcare workers, teachers, camp counselors, etc

First aid basics including medical, injury, poison, and environmental emergencies, preventing illnesses and injuries and controlling bleeding & bandaging. Covers topics like using a tourniquet, shock, internal bleeding, burns and electrical injuries, allergic reactions, breathing problems & dehydration, diabetes & low blood sugar, heat-and cold-related emergencies, drowning, amputations, bites and strings, broken bones and sprains. Also covers splinters, nose bleeds, fainting, seizures, and injuries to the head, eyes, neck, spine, mouth, and teeth.
CPR AED and choking: CPR and AED Use for Adults*, Children and Infants, Adult*, Child, and Infant Choking.


Course option:

1) in person all instructor led (no online needed) 

2) Online and skill session - you must have both part to receive your certificate. Complete the learning part at home online, then come in for the hands on skill session.

​​Online and skill session.  This option is 2 part, part 1: online portion where you do the classroom portion of your training online (this portions will take you about 4 hours for HeartSaver CPR/AED and First Aid) and Part 2: skill session where you will meet with an instructor, practice on the manikin and other required skills, and ask any questions you may have during your online training.  Skill session portion will take your about 30-60 mins.  We will email you the online course code for you to complete prior to your skill session if you purchase from our site. 

CPR/AED and First Aid class ------$85

     Online and skill session --------$90

CPR/AED only class ---------------$55

     Online and skill session -------- $65

First Aid only class --------------$55

    online and skill session  ----- $65

PediatricCPR/AED and First Aid: Courses & Programs
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